contaminate; poison; pollution; vitiation; pollute; discolor; taint; foul; smut; dirtiness; impureness; polluting; pollution hazard; tainture; contamination; empoison; pollsution ; pollute; pollute; taint ; contamination; pollution; 1.contamination; pollution2.to

pollute 英 [plu:t] 美 [plut] vt.污染;玷污,亵渎;破坏(品性),使堕落 例句:Mining would pollute the lake and denude the forest 采矿会污染湖水,毁掉森林.

pollute the environment

环境污染 environmental pollution

1 concerning the harm of noise pollution2 the harm of light pollution3 the harm of water pollution

pollution as the world is getting more densely populated, pollution presents a severe problem. more people make more waste. all this waste is polluting our surroundings. pollution has a bad influence on our life. the air is pollnted by the smoke and

pollution 望采纳 谢谢~

Air pollution is a serious situation.(空气污染) (是) (很严峻的形势) 即指空气污染很严重.当然,如果你要直译的话:则可 Air pollution is very serious.希望能帮到你.

你好,英语里关于“污染较重的”表达很多,如 heavily polluted、seriously polluted 以及 severely polluted.从使用频率上来讲,seriously polluted 要比 heavily polluted 频率高一些,severely polluted 多用于正式场合或者文献.希望我的回答能有所帮助!

air pollution water pollution soil pollution sound pollution noise pollution light pollution language pollution white pollution

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