I Like ReadingReading is my favorite hobby.I can never stop the love for reading because books are likewise teachers as well as good friends in my life.As we know,books are the source of knowledge.I b

i like reading very much, because i can get a lot from books or magazines. when i was little, i read books with many colorful pictures. they are very attractive with such beautiful pictures. besides, there are some simple stories in them, so this is the

My favorite subject "Every man has his hobbyhorse."So,my classmates all have their own favorite subject.My favorite subject is English. Now,let me tell you my reason. I like my English teacher.Even though she is very strict,she is also very kind.I like

One day, my mother bought two little rabbits for me. I'm very happy.From that on, the two little rabbits became my good One day, my mother bought two little rabbits for me. I'm very happy. From that on, the two little rabbits became my good friends.

reading outside class as we all know, reading has a lot of benefit. it can open up our eyes because books are full of knowledge, and it makes us wiser and richer in life. i like reading newspapers and magazines, from which i get lots of fun and learn

英语,如果不会英语,怎么能潇洒自如地纵横四海! 在英语课上,我总是仔细地听老师讲课,认真地想老师对我们提出的问题,上完课后,我经常和我的朋友们一起说英语,温习课堂上所学到的新知识.这是提高英语水平的好办法呢! 此外,我

I enjoy reading very much I enjoy reading very much.I am so absorbed in a good book 而大多数读书的人能从中获得极大的乐趣我非常喜欢读书

My father likes to tell me a story before I sleep, so I like to read story book. My parents buy me a lot of books, I read them everyday, I always finish reading a book in a week. I like adventure story very much, I imagine I am the guy who is so great. Books gives me happiness, I like reading.

1.My father and I are good friends. We often talk to each other when we are free. My father can always give me good advice. " Like father like son". My father is generous and kind. I am very friendly to my classmates,too. So I can always get on well

About hobbyI enjoy reading books very much, because there are lots of interesting things in them. Two years ago, I didn't like reading very much. I had plenty of time, but I

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