I am ready to shopping 表示准备去购物 I am planing to go shopping 表示计划的 I will go to shopping mall 表示将要去

I am going to do some shopping.(主动)I was made to do some shopping.(被动)

i am going to go shopping this afternoon 如果能帮到你,请好评一个,谢谢

您好,很高兴为您解答:翻译为 we. are going. to. shopping. center. 希望采纳 谢谢


你好!他们将要去购物.They are going to go shopping.

I am going to shop at1:00a.m on Sunday afternoon.

I will go shopping at one o'clock on Sunday afternoon.

我将要在周五去购物I will go shopping on Friday我将要在周五去购物I will go shopping on Friday

我打算去超级市场购物.I plan to go shopping in the supermarket.

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