如何通过画一幅自画像用英语介绍自己?描写思路:首先以自我介绍作为开头,然后描述自画像中的自己是什么样子的,正文:I am a clever little

画一幅自画像,并用英语介绍自己long black and straight hair,usually I put it up.I not only tall but also very thin .My mouth is small and rad ,

描述《我的自画像》英语作文。50字带翻译。写自己的My favorite holiday is New Year, Chinese New Year we can eat dumplings and a lot of good things to eat, but also

英语作文《我的自画像》300单词英语作文:自我介绍-我的自画像 As finish class since the noise of the bell, each gate opened wide 3 grade. Classmates


用英语怎么介绍自己?我是一个聪明伶俐的小女孩,今年9岁了,我有一个好听的名字,叫萌萌。This is my self-portrait. I

可以帮我么?两篇我的自画像英语作文My head is round, my face is round, and my body is almost round. I'm telling you, I'm a book buff

如何简单用英语进行自我介绍?我是一个聪明伶俐的小女孩,今年9岁了,我有一个好听的名字,叫萌萌。This is my self-portrait. I

画一幅自画像,并进行自我描述 This is my selfI'd like to say i have nothing to show himself.but i would not lag behind,don't

写一幅自画像,用英语,8句话一个短一点的英语故事(8句话) 用过去式写5~8句话(英语) 怎么用英语来介绍自己,至少8句话 请问英

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