My Family There are three people in my family.My parents and I.My father is a doctor,he works in a big hospital.He is very friendly to his patients.He likes play soccer very much.My mother is a teacher,she works in a school.She is very popular with her

My familyThere are 4 people in my family.My mom,my dad,my sister and me.My mom is a housewife, she likes cooking in kitchen very much.She likes to cook but my dad is diffirent. He likes eating,especiallywhat my mom cook.My sister is a student,

Hello,everyone.next is my show time. my name is XX,as you know i am a clever boy( or a girl).I come from jiangsu province.jiangsu is a good place.it has so money interesting place .i am not only good at table tennis but also in interested in

Myfamily Ihaveahappyfamily.Therearefourpeopleinit.Theyaremyfather,mymother,mybrotherandI.Myfatherisadoctorandmymotherisateacher.MybrotherandIarestudents.Atweekends,weoftengotothepark.Myparentsloveusverymuch.Welovethemtoo.

my family 我的家人 This is my family . there are 3people in my family . they are my mother ,fatner and me . l often go shopping with my mother . she sometimes buy a cake for me. l usually go swimming with my father . l like to swim very much. my father

This is my family . there are ----people in my family .they are ------.l often go shopping with my mother . she sometimes buy a cake for me. l usually go swimming with my father .l like to swim very much.my father likes each other .we are happy!

myhobbies ihavemanyhobbies,suchassports,singing,andkeepingadiary.inschool,ioftenhearthep.e.teachersay,sportsdogoodtoone'shealth,andwillmakeonelivelonger.so,ilikesportsverymuch.igorunninginthemorning,andafterclassesintheafternoon.

my hobby(我的爱好) everyone has a lot of hobbies, such as my hobby is sports. i like swimming and playing badminton. more exercise can make good health. i also like playing computer. like qq to chat with friends, like the growth of knowledge in

I have a happy family. There are three people in my family, my mom, dad and me. My father is a math teacher, and he teachs in a middle school near my home. He doesn't like going to movies and watching TV at home, but he likes reading

My hobbyEveryone has his own hobby, it may give him lots of happiness. My hobby is listening to music. When I was a child I enjoy listening to music especially the cartoon music, though I'm not good at it, I often lose myself in it. When I am in trouble,

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