展开全部.有关梦想的英语作文1、 It is a dream that is deeply rooted in human nature. 这是个深植于人性之中的梦想.2、 Love, sympathy, and cooperation will alleviate the sufferings and disasters inflicted upon our fellow men. 爱心、同情和合作,

I am a student in a middle school now.Everyone in my class has a dream,including me. My dream is to be a nurse because I think nurse is a great job . People call nuses "angles wearing white" and nurses may help doctors rescure people. What's

My dream I have a dream,I want to be a nurse when I graduate .Now I am in Grade 2 of a medical school.I study very diligently in order to make my dream come true.I am ready to help others.I think helping people in need is of great value.I would like

dream of flowers

Often the nurse called angels in white, because the angel of life and a symbol of love, nurses are engaged in is the most noble occupation, health care, life saving, to treat all patients regardless of status, occupation or poor, can make no

My Beaautiful Dream Everyone has a beautiful dream.So do I.My dream is to be a nurse in the future.My reason can be listed as following:The work of a nursr is to take care of the patients in the hospital,and give them the best convenience.secondly,

你好!我的梦想是当一名好护士 my dream is to become a good nurse

A nurse is responsible for others' health. They are professionals on taking care of injured people. Nurses also provide care at birth and death. There are many different types of nurses throughtout the world! Nurses are people that are really important

I want to be a nurse since I was a little girl.Being a nurse, I can help a lot of people.

I have a dream Dream is to be a nurse The nurses wore a pink dress In the hospital every day to help people 我有一个梦想 梦想是当一位护士 护士穿着粉红色的服装 每天在医院里帮助人们

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