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了解外国文化 Understand foreign cultures

外国文学基本翻译Foreign Literature网络释义外国文学:Foreign Literature|Littérature étrangère外国文学名著文库:I Promessi Sposi|La Cousine Bette当代外国文学:Contemporary Foreign Literature

Rich materials in English, English exercises, English stories, foreign cultures

Learning English can let us know more about the foreign culture.

除了 culture 之外,文化按语境可以有不同翻译,比如:1. (精神财富) civilization; culture 中国文化是世界上最古老的文化之一. the chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world.2. (知识,传统) culture; custom; tradition: 适应当地文化 adapt to local custom and tradition

瑞典传统的圣露西亚节Saint Lucia's Day is a Swedish traditional holiday.On December 13th,one of the shortest,darkest days in the long and cold winter,Sweden celebrates the holiday,in honor of Saint Lucia,the Queen of Lights. 圣露西亚节是

I hope to add some foreign cutrues appropriately in the new English book.

Western culture 希望可以帮助你,满意的话,希望采纳,谢谢!

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