Chinese can study the culture of the foreign country

foreign culture

了解外国文化,英语是:Understand foreign cultures.详细解释:understand 英[ndstnd] 美[ndrstnd] vt. 懂,理解; vt. 了解; 领会; 默认; 听说; [例句]I think you heard and also understand me.我想你听到了我的话,也明

英语被人们用来了解外国文化English is for people to understand foreign culture

American culture The main content of American culture is the emphasize on individuals' value, the pursue of democracy and freedom, the promotion of deploitation(开拓, 经营) and competition and the need of realistic and practicality. Its core is

As we know,America is a young country,however,its culture is quite splendid,which is admitted by people all over the world,especially its fastfood culture.In 1948,the Richards opened up the first fastfood restaurant,named Mcdonald's,beside a

Learning English can let us know more about the foreign culture.

1.To understand the culture and social customs of western countries, to specifically understand the cultural difference, and the many different ways of expressing these, would then make communication

In modern society, there is no obvious difference in everyday's life .They are only used to doing something as their customns in daily life in different countries.I want to talk it in the following three parts.They are food, dressing and living styles. 在现代

英语翻译.我们对外国文化有所了解.我们都非常感谢你.我们非常你还能来.注:每个单词都能分来.翻译如下:WE-BEGIN-TO-KNOW-FOREIGN-CLUTURE. THANK-YOU-VERY-MUCH, AND-HOPE-YOU-WOULD-COME-AGAIN.

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