foreign firends

我很想交一位外国的朋友.I want to make a foreign friend very much. I would very much like to make friend with a foreigner.您好,以上翻译均可表达原文意思,不明白可继续提问.若回答对您有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮.

you are my first fforeign friend.直接翻译过来就是:你是我第一个外国朋友.实际上就是你想表达的那个意思.中文一般比较嗦,但是英语需要简洁.

I want to make a foreign friend very much.friend可替换为pal,也有朋友、伙伴的意思.

Friends, you now, please? Sense of how to travel? Do you like the scenery here, right? Where you are now, ah, here was also used to do the diet and habits? I am very worried about you, I would like to introduce you to someone or has been with

foreign friendsforeign:外国的

翻译:1) I really want to listen what the foreign friends say in English.2) I really want to listen what the tune sounds like when foregn friends say English.

I want to find a foreign friend who is willing to talk with me in English and we can learn each other.译:我想找一个愿意用英语同我交流的外国朋友,而且我们也可以相互学习.

I'd like to make some foreign friends (at) my age.I wanna make friends with some foreign peers.

我想交个外国朋友用英语翻译是:I want to make a foreign friend

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