My best favorite sport is basketball. My hometown Dalang is a famous “Basketball Town”. Everybody likes playing basketball here. I love playing basketball, too. It's my favorite sport. Every morning I go to play it in our school gym. My P.E teacher

i love my family,because i have a happy family.my father is an english teacher.his name is jacky.he is thirty-eight.he likes playing basketball.my mother is a teacher.she is very kind and nice,and she is thirty-seven.i love my parents!on saturday and

I like basketball very much.Every school day, I play basketball with my friends. After school, I go home and do my homework. Then I watch basketball matches on TV.

the thing which I like best is playing basketball .

The game was scheduled to start at start at eight o'clock on Friday night. Long The referee blew his whistle, and the game started. A basketball game is divided into two

Playing basketball can not only strengthen the physique, can also help people to acquire positive mental attitude, and, playing basketball and not an individual sport, it requires teamwork, exercise our unity

I like sports very much. Football, basketball, running and swimming are my favorites. But I like playing basketball most, because I think playing basketball is very cool and interesting. I often play basketball with my classmates. We are a good team.

Playing basketball is a sport that lots of people will do in their spare time.Everyone can join in it including the young ,the old ,the women or the men.Playing basketball is not only very interesting but also very healthy to our health.We are able to make

我最喜欢的运动(篮球) my favorite sport (basketball) i like sports verymuch. football, basketball, running and swimming are my favorites. but i likeplaying basketball most, because i think playing basketball is very cool andinteresting. i often play

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