“实施情况”the carrying out of sth. by sb.

落实 1.practicable; workable (形容词)2.to fix in advance; to ascertain; to make sure (确认)3.to carry out; to fulfill; to implement; to put into effect (执行,实现) 实施 1.to carry out; to bring into force(有强制执行之意); to get afoot; to take effect; to put into practice; to bring into practice 上面写的implement也是执行的意思,carry out是比较通俗常用的

put into effect或者carry out

Implementation plan 英文发音:[mplmnten pln] 中文释义:实施计划;实施方案;实行计划 例句:Applying Gantt Charts on project scheduling, implementation plan is put forward.用甘特图进行项目的进度安排,提出了实施计

落实,实施 的英文:implement读音及词义:英 [mplment] 美 [mplmnt] vt.实施,执行;使生效,实现;落实(政策);把…填满n.工具,器械;家具;手段;[法]履行(契约等)

具体情况而论:如果你需要的"全面实施"是名词,可以说: comprehensive implementation如果是动词,表动作: sth is fully implemented

the company's first publication ,,will be carried out and put into practice on the day 1st.12.2008再看看别人怎么说的.

战略实施strategy implementation战略实施[zhàn luè shí shī]词典strategy implementation例句:但在可持续发展战略实施的过程中,我们仍然遇到了很多的困难和问题.But in the process of implementation of sustainable development strategy, we stillencounter many problems.

carry out v.完成, 实现, 贯彻, 执行 achieve [E5tFi:v] vi.取得预期效果 actualize [5AktjJElaIz] vt.实现, 实施 realization [7riElai5zeiFEn] n.实现

meditator ['mediteit] n. 冥想者;沉思者;策划者

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