写作范文--追求快乐pursuing happiness<br><a href="http://wenwen.soso.com/z/urlalertpage.e?sp=shttp%3a%2f%2fclub.topsage.com%2fthread-584049-1-1.html" target="_blank">http://club.topsage.com/thread-584049-1-1.html</a><br><br>

高考英语作文万能句子摘取自己记得住的记忆成模板Recently, the problem of … has aroused people's concern. 最近,……问题已引起人们的关注.The Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has

一、英语作文的框机架对比观点题型(1)要求论述两个对立的观点并给出自己的看法.1. 有一些人认为……2.另一些人认为……3.我的看法……The topic of ①-----------------

1. 随着经济的繁荣 with the booming of the economy2. 随着人民生活水平的显著提高 with the remarkable improvement of people's living standard3. 先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology 4. 为我们日常生活增添了情趣 add much spice

1. 说明原因句式1. There are probably three/many/several/varieties of reasons/causes for this dramatic/significant increase/decline in… 引起……显著增长(下降)的原因有三个(许多、几个、很多).2. Some reasons can explain this trend. First

高中英语实用模版1.书信 开头: How nice to hear from you again. Let me tell you something about the activity. I'm glad to have received your letter of Apr. 9th. I'm pleased to hear that you're coming to China for a visit. I'm writing to thank you

英语三级作文模板 书信/e-mail类八大模板 (你自己选择一个自己背下来就可以了)1:投诉信 Dear_______,Iam ______(自我介绍) .I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraidthat I have to make a complaint about_____.The reason for my

对比观点There is a widespread concern over the issue that (作文题目)But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person. A majority of people think that _ 观点一_. In their views there are 2 factors


firmly believing that 观点2, …(第三个原因);grown/批驳观点式 A.一个错误观点, Among all of the supporting evidences.写作模板图表式作文 It is obvious in the

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