If you are li hua, this summer in your hometown flooding, your pen Pal to ask about your hometown, please according to the following mention type use English to write a letter of one hundred words or so soon. Contents include: 1. Due to the flooding,

灾难bale balefulness blue-ruin calamity griefill mischance mucker tragedy disaster 地震earthquake earthshock quake cataclysm seismtemblor飓风cyclone flurry hurricane

水灾 flood;inundation

flood/flood water 如果帮到你,请记得采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢 flood flood The flood

水灾: 1. flood2. flood disaster3. a disastrous floodexamples:1. 你能帮助我们募集款项,救济因水灾而无家可归的人吗? can i enlist your help in collecting money for the people made homeless by the flood?2. 政府发出了预防水灾的警告. the

发生洪灾the outbreak of flood disaster发生洪灾的地区Somewhere hit by floodSomewhere struck by floodsomewhere ravaged by flood

A flood disaster took place in some areas in China. It had been raining all those days and never stopped, which led to the flood. The PLA men arrived immediately to rescue the villagers of the flooded areas. And they did their best to fight against the



自然灾害 Natural Disaster : 地震 earthquake 雪崩 avalanche 火山泥流 lahar 泥石流 mudflow/landslide 超级火山爆发 supervolcano 洪水 flood 大(或急剧的)漩涡 maelstrom 海啸 Tsunami 暴风雪 blizzard (呵呵) 干旱 Drought 雹暴 Hailstorm 热

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