春节Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival(春节是中国的传统节日).Every Spring Festival(每逢春节来临).Every household cleaning(家家户户都要打扫卫生).And every family couplets or Window guards posted(每家都贴春联

My favourite holiday is Spring Festival. Before the holiday, we begin to get ready . We clean the house and buy a lot of things. My mother buy new clothes for each of us. Mother and Father don't go working during the holiday. We going shopping in

1 I had a great time on the Mid-autumn Day, I spent the day to make sense about my family.First,I ate the dinner with my parents and my sister, we made the joy and took the intereting things.At next, we went to the park to see the moon, it's beautiful

China has many traditional festivals among the year. But I like Mid-Autumn Festival the most. It means harvest, because it is celebrated in the harvest season. And it is the time for famers to express their thanks for harvest. In addtion, it's the day for

I like the most is Christmas. On this day, people will prepare many gifts, also received a lot of gifts. In the evening, the Christmas tree lights up, people will eat Turkey around in front of the fire, the fireworks.我最喜欢的就是圣诞节了.在这一天,人们都会准备许多的礼物,也会收到许多礼物.晚上,圣诞树上的灯亮起时,人们会围在火炉前吃火鸡,放烟花.望采纳~~

There are a lot of holidays for chinese people, such as National day, May Day, etc. However, chinese people look on spring festival as their most important one of all.And it's also my favorite festival, especially when I was a child, because In those

Spring Festival 春节 Spring Festival is an important festival in China.春节在中国是个重要的节日.In the festival,all family members go together and have a big dinner together.在节日里,所有的家庭成员相聚一团,并一起享用晚餐.We have chicken,

7a64e4b893e5b19e31333339663963March 12th is Tree Planting Day. This year our school bought enough trees before that day . On that day , we didn't had classes . The teachers and our classmates planted trees around our school. We began to

Spring FestivalMy best festival is Spring Festival.It is in Janurary or February.It is the most important festival for the Chinese people.On that day everybody dresses up.First they extend greetings to their parents.Then each child will get money as a

My Favorite Holiday_我最喜欢的节日 My favorite holiday is New Year. It is a very important festival in Chinese culture. In fact, it's the highlight of the year. Everyone returns home for a family reunion.We have a big feast and chat about all the things

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