英汉互译(短语)七年级下(What's )your( adress )3、给出你菜单的理由。Give the ( reason) (for )your menu.4、他们在准备英语测试。They (are

初一的英语问题--非常简单!英汉互译5个短语: 1.等一下 2learn from.4.在右面 : on the right (side). 5.生活消费 : cost of living(标准英语)(或

英汉互译,初一水平,根据所给短语翻译下面句子.1.Grandpa grows vegetables in the garden every year.2.The water comes from other cities.3.Please make the table clean.4

初中重点短语有哪些?具体些。英汉互译!回答:短语、词组归纳 由动词开头构成的短语、词组很多。复习时应分类处理: 一、动词+介词 1.look at…看…,look like …

短语英汉互译。 用英语答案:解析: in English

初一英语鲁教版Unite 1试题20个英汉互译20个单项选择gdfghfgghfghfgfghfghfh

英语英汉互译,词组English-Chinese Translation

短语英汉互译1.That is all right 或者You are welcome或者Don't mention it.2.soap opera 3.want , are willing 4.go out 5.读

英汉互译短语回答:my two brothers the first picture in the first photo

英汉互译 重点短语1.go swimming 2.enjoy yourself 3.help each other 4.have a try on 5.sth. to drink 6.be friendly with 7.call sb.

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