Your boy turned out really well你的孩儿成长的很好He has a great personality他有很好的性格He has a heavenly nose他有天使般的鼻子His eyes are blue like the sea他的眼睛如海般的蓝just like dad thatflies in the sky就像他在天上的父亲He


即将毕业了 time to go 舍不得 but it is hard to say good-bye 回忆点点滴滴 everything i remember 让人难忘 everything hard to forget 就大概这意思 that is it 宿舍的集体生活让我学会了宽容 忍让 去理解别人 the life in the dorm teach me how to be

English is Widely Used 英语被广泛应用More than 6,000 languages are spoken in the world today. Many of these languages are spoken by small groups of people. More than 200 languages are spoken by one million or more people. Which

Police and fire officials soon arrived,and Frank told the story to an officer.Jennifer said her boyfriend was calm on their 40一minute train ride downtown---just as he had been seconds after the rescue,which made her think about her reaction at the

what I saw is your great potential and well-personal-evolution.if you choose me纯人工翻译,望采纳

敬爱的老师,亲爱的同学们. 大家早上好!我张佳.正如你所知道的,我是个害羞的女孩.但说真的,我想是我们班的英语监视器.这就是为什么我现在站在这里. 我为什么想当一名英语显示器吗? 首先,我很感兴趣的英语.英语是很重要

Economic Crisis means one or several national economies or the whole world's economy shrinks within some time(negative economic growth rate). It is periodic overproduction crisis during capitalist economic development. It is the particular

15个孩子从休息室冲进教室,选好了自己的座位,面朝被称作杨老师的女士坐下.“今天是什么日子?”杨老师用中文普通话问.“孔子的诞辰.” 这些五年级的孩子们大声以普通话回答.“为什

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