China, a country with an ancient civilization. Five thousand years of history has cast her immortal feats; five thousand years of history has cast her downtown spectacular; five thousand years of history has cast her beautiful rivers and mountains of a

China is a beautiful country. It has a total of 56 ethnic groups. You can learn from different people to different customs. In China, you can climb the world's highest peak Mount Qomolangma, you can eat with Chinese food, such as dumplings. The

China The People's Republic of China is a socialism country with its own characteristics. It is one of the developing countries. China lies in the east of Asia. It has a number of neighboring countries. To the north, northeast and northwest are the

the Carolinas, is calling on friends in Norfolm the ha

Beautiful hometown, beautiful China!(求采纳,谢谢!)

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美丽中国 [词典] [电影] BBC Wild China; [例句]对女红的技术史研究的启示评《遮蔽的美丽中国女红文化》An Inspiration in Research on the History of Chinese Needlework Technology: A Review of Veiled Beauty& The Culture of Chinese Needlework;

1.To be honest, as a 23-year old Chinese young man, watching a documentary, so deeply about China, yet made completely by England and so well made, doesn't feel so good. But fortunately, the truth that the wilderness of China doesn't belong to

美丽中国 开学第一课分为四节课,每节课都有一个主题,分别是:“爱是分享”、“爱是力量”、“爱是承担”和“爱是荣耀”.其中,“爱是承担”这节主题课给我的印象最深刻. “爱是承担”为我们讲述了一个感人的故事:有一个叫马鹏飞的男孩,八个月大时父母

我的人生,因为青春而美丽;我的青春,因为梦想而绚烂;我的梦想,因为努力而闪耀. “一个人可以一无所有,但是不能没有梦想.”这句话,我一直记得.是的,正是因为有梦想,我们才经历坎坷依然前行. 我们的梦想在经历历史的沧桑

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