Cultural Difference between Chinese and American Individual Lifestyles American A Culture of self-expression Chinese A Culture of Self restrain Clear expression of Joy and sorrow Ambiguous of joy and sorrow Unequivocal expression of “

America 原来的意思是美洲.狭义上这个单词只是用来称呼美国.American 应该是美洲人的意思,包括加拿大人,墨西哥人;但是现在基本上只代表美国人的意思.有些美国人日常用语,也用 “the states”来称呼美国.States: 州的复数.美

美国人喜欢一日多餐,每餐适量;而中国人传统习惯一日三餐,每餐食量都较 大,且现已开始有不食早餐的风气.无疑少食多餐会比一日三餐、二餐科学,特别是不食早餐

Meeting someone When meeting someone for the first time, it is customary to shake hands, both for men and for women. Hugs are only exchanged between close friends. Kissing is not common, and men never kiss other men.Americans will

country music~~~美国的风土人情的精华所在 推荐经典歌曲<<Country Road>> 代表人很多 在中国比较出名的是约翰丹弗 具体怎么写英文名不记得了.

Wedding Ring The wedding ring has been in evidence. Some believe the wedding ring was the first element of wedding traditions. The circular shape of the wedding ring symbolizes never-ending love. Third finger, left hand It is believed that the vein

The UK is the old capitalist countries, is always the most gentlemanly of the country. But tends to decline after the second world war, the British economy, the development of the core and technology and culture background, commercial application of

Culture of China The Culture of China is home to one of the world'soldest and most complex civilizations. China boasts a history rich in over5,000 years of artistic, philosophical, political, and scie

美国人一般性情开朗、乐于交际、不拘礼节.第一次见面不一定行握手礼,有时只是笑一笑,说一声“Hi”或“Hello”就算有礼了. Always cheerful , be happy to social intercourse, neglects of social rules like American. Meet for the first time to

(一)礼仪 在美国社会必须“入境随俗”,必须了解并遵守美国社会中惯行的礼仪规则. 在穿衣方面,虽然美国人以随和、不正式的印象,但在上班、赴宴会的场合, 仍是很正规,穿衣的规矩极多,但以适合时宜为主,例如参加婚礼、参加丧

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