描写外貌的初一英语作文80词赢有翻译same university.This person is my best friend Vivi who i can tell everything to.Like my deeply feelings and thoughts.

初一英语作文描写外貌is medium heigh. She has black, short and straight hair. She has big eyes, small mouth. She is lovely and active.

七年级外貌描写的作文英语My mother is forty years old.She is slim and pretty.She has short,curly black hair.She has a round face and two

用英语描写自己外貌的作文,不少于40词,我是初一的,不要写I am Chinese girl,i look very thin.And i have big eyes、small eyes、small ears and long face.I have long hair long

七年级上册英语作文 ,描写朋友的相貌啊 列如 脸嘴 头啊My friend is Jane.She is 15 years old.She is from Canada.she has a round face , dig blue eyes and a small nose.

求描写人物外貌的英语短文 初一年级水平 50词左右 2篇_百 he is a beautiful boy. Big eyes shine with vitality and radiance. he has a young face. he wears clean clothes. He

描写同学外貌的英语作文 七年级1. My best friend is called Li Lei. He is very strong and athletic. He has short, black hair and two big eyes. He

描写人的外貌英语作文60词左右初一水平he aways wears a glasses ,His face i round ,his nose is bid,too.there are two ears in his face .he is a black

一篇描写人物外貌的作文[英语作文60左右初一的](一)I think she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She is exciting, amazing and sexy. When we first met

七年级上册英语作文 ,描写朋友的相貌啊 列如 脸嘴 头给我一篇我的朋友的英语作文,带翻译,不要介绍长相的! 英语作文,我的朋友.描述外貌的.5局话.怎么写?

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