Eason Chan is a frequent winner of Asia's music awards. He is the second non-Taiwanese singer after Jacky Cheung to win Taiwan's Golden Melody Award. He won "Best Male Singer" in 2003 and "Best Album" twice in 2003 and 2009. He

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Eason Chan, born in Hong Kong, went to England to study when he was 12. He attended St. Joseph's kindergarten, St. Joseph's College in Hong Kong, Dauntsey's School in Wiltshire, England and later Kingston University, studying architecture.

My favorite star is Chen Yixun.His English name is Eason chan.He is Chinese .His birthday is 1974,june tweny-seventh.He is a singer and a actor.He can speak English,Chinese and Cantonese.He is 1.71 meters.His a birthplace is HongKong.He

Lin Xi regards Leslie Cheung and Wang Fei as his arms, but regards him as his soul. It takes a long time to understand many songs that Lin Xi wrote for him. Did you watch the New Year Eve's program from JSTV for 2015? If you did, you must

Today I would like to introduce a well-known Chinese singer,Eason Chan,who is now one of the best singers in the Great China area.After Eason gratduated from his university, he decided himself taking a singing competition in HongKong, finally

林夕说,十年难出一个陈奕迅,他什么歌都敢试. 林夕说,陈奕迅唱歌不用技巧,而用感情.每当夜深听着他的歌,声音总似在极近之处萦绕,耳边的空气都像是被点燃一般使我颤抖. 听着《浮夸》,你可以感受到那种想通过各种方法得到他人认可和目光而不想被忽略的感觉; 听着《好久不见》,你可以感受到多年之后再见到曾经爱过的人,却只想说一句好久不见的心情; 听着《k歌之王》,你可以感受到为你爱的人使劲全身解数,却还是无法打动对方的悲伤;

My favorite star is Chen Yixun. His English name is Eason chan. He is Chinese . His birthday is 1974,june tweny-seventh. He is a singer and a actor. He can speak English,Chinese and Cantonese. He is 1.71 meters. His a birthplace is HongKong.

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Eason Chan is a famous Cantonese pop music singer and actor. He was described as the person who affects Hong Kong music styles by the United States Time Magazine. He is regarded as the third “God of Song” following Sam Hui and Jacky

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