Dear xxx: Thank you for your invitation. I am sorry [他对你的邀请] 你不能答应的原因 Write soon XXX

模板,可以参考一下哦:To Decline an Invitation-拒绝邀请 Dear sir/madam: I'm delighted you have accepted our invitation to do something.I'd love to go very much,but I can't.And ,I am so regret to say that I have to do something else .《具体解释下说明另一件是得重要性和迫于无奈之情》Thank you again for inviting.(空两行) Sincerely yours, [name] [title] :-)


dear**, Thank you for inviting us to your company party( 填写日期,如on monday).I wish I could be there,but I regret to inform you that owing to (写不能参加的理由,如being away on vacation),we shall not be able to come. Sincerely yours, *******

拒绝邀请用英语表达翻译如下:refuse the invitation

Dear Tom Cruise,First of all, thank you for inviting me to attend your birthday party to be held on Jan 20, 2006. I would like to accept your warm invitation but I can not due to an earlier appointment.Two weeks ago, I made an appointment with one of

楼主的话:hey, let's have an outing when my english is good enough, or if possible, when your chinese can be as good as mine.个人建议:改一下楼主的话.i do think it's quite panic for you when you cannot communicate efficiently and effectively

**, I am very thank you for your inviting me to the party, but I have to review my lessons, for I have a task on Monday. Wish you enjoy your time.

an invitation (for .) 接for表示邀请去哪的邀请函

Dear Mary, 26th Oct 2009 Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party this Saturday. We have not met for so long, I am very happy to have a chance to catch up with you and celebrate your birthday. Unfortunate, my mother is down with a bad flu. My

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