My favorite food I like different kinds of food.I like dumplings,rices and so on. But my favorite food is mooncakes.I like them very mush.It is very delicious and popular. Mooncakes are delicious round cakes.Some have eggs or nuts in it ,and some

我的家乡在郑州,它既是一个现代化的城市,又是一个古老的城市.说它现代化,是因 为它建立的时间短.郑州是一座火车带来的城市.当年,陇海铁路和京广铁路建成后, 在它们的交叉点上建了一个小车站,这个小车站慢慢地扩大,成了现

Tourist Attractions in Zhengzhou Zhengzhou, as the capital city of Henan province, boasts for her centuries-old history and glorious civilization. When it comes to tourist attactions in this fabulous place, a large amount of scenic spots are supposed

My hometownMy hometown is in zhenzhou city china,There are a lot of people live here,It's a famous city.The people are very friendly.The climate here is very pleasant.My

Zhengzhou, the Henan Province provincial capital, is the Chinese important interior open city and the historical city. North Zhengzhou is near Yellow River, south depends on Mt. Songshan, west neighbour 13 dynasty ancient capital Luoyang, east

Henan has rich historical and cultural sites. The Longmen Grottoes are one of China's three most precious treasure houses of stone sculptures and inscriptions. The White Horse Temple is the first Buddhist temple and is honored as the 'Cradle of

The Green Expo Garden in Zhengzhou is beside the Zhengkai Road.It is about 3000 acres.The Garden has 94 exhibition park,and there are all kinds of shrubs and flowers,

The green Expo-garden is next to the ZhengKai street,its area is about three thousand kilometres ,it has nifty-four exhibition parks,all kinds of shrubs and flowers are about seventy hundred species ,the amount is about 67.5 myriads ,its purpose is to

healthy eating habits are very important for our health. we should build healthy eating habits. we should eat fresh vegetables and fruits everyday.they supply rich and the necessary vitamins for us. we also should eat less meat everday.and we had

Chung Dong New Area, the new planning program to determine, in the northern CBD, the existing pond and the excavation for the depression of sufficient size to man-made lake - Longhu to run through the urban area river, such as water as a link

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