第一种England synthesizes introduced (英国综合介绍) England's full title is "Great Britain and the Northern Ireland united kingdom", by approaches northeast the Europe continent the seacoast British archipelago majority of islands to be


England is a nation in northwest Europe and the largest and most populous constituent country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its inhabitants account for more than 83% of the total population of the United Kingdom,[1]

The Great BritainThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the entire name of Britain,its capital city is London.It's same as Japan,an island country.British symbol the Daihon(大本钟) is as the Mountain Fuji of Japan.In

这是我写的,自创!有点多自己删改吧 英国是一个多文化的地方,英国的食物新鲜,风景优美,英国人的房子,有着独特的西方风味.英国有许多名胜古迹,例如大英博物馆,里面的画像透露出当时的历史,各种瓷器雕刻的十分精致.英国的书

British advocate "gentleman" and "Ladies style", and "Ladies first." In daily life, the British note instruments, dress smartly, the British A Gift is shaking hands. When dealing with people, pay attention to with honorifics "please", "thank

et your imagination wander and take you to a place you daydream of. A place where dramatic mountain ranges sweep majestically down to clear blue lakes. A place where peaceful country lanes meander tthrough meadows brimming with

LONDON, England. A capital city full of art and history. An important political centre. A huge financial market place. 英国,伦敦,一座艺术气息和历史氛围浓郁的都城,一个重要的政治中心,一处巨大的金融市场. Whatever you think about

My dear English friend! I'm Li Hua, I'm pleasure to introduce my school. My school is in the centre of the city, the traffic is very easy. I go straight to school by No.16 bus everyday. the teaching condition is very good, there are a few students in a class,

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