Jay chou is a pop singer from Taiwan China,he is 32 years old now.As an outstanding representative of Chinese pop music ,he created many good songs.He has a talent in music.The music that he created has his own style.His many popular songs

I like Jay, because of his cool. In pop music, he remains high, but he is more valuable is hard, very hard to do anything in this regard is beyond doubt, I wish I could be like him the same study hard. 描写周杰伦的 Singer Jay Chou is a great singer, nice

Jay Chou Birthplace: Taiwan Taipei county Date of birth: the 1979-1-18 (Chinese: the year 20) Career: singer, producer, actor, director, director Height weight: 175 cm / 60 kg Specialization instruments: the piano/guitar/drum kit cello / / electronic

hello to everyone. ma name`s jay chow. I come from taiwan. my favourite colour is bluei`m a singer cause i like sing very much, favourite is hip-hop. I`m quiet boy when i was a child, but now i`m happy, i like to talk, the music takes everithing to me.


my hero i think lots of students like the pop singer named jay. i also like him very much. when he released his first album, i started to buy his album. and i never miss any album of his. do you know as a boy, jay was called dull stupid. but his mother yeh

JAY Details Name: Jay Chou English name: Jay chou Born: January 18, 1979 Education: Tamkang Middle School music department Zodiac Year: Horse Blood Type: O-type Constellation: Capricorn Height: 175cm Weight: 60kg Expertise: writing

My favourite singer is Zhou Jielun.His English name is Jay Chow.He was born on January 18th,1979.His height is 173cm,and his weight is 60kg.His favourite sport is basketball, and I think he plays it very well.His favourite singers are Usher,Babyface

my favorite singer is jay chou. he is a best singer.because his songs are very great.his new cd is 《still fantasy》.in this cd,i think the best song is >(菊花台).the song was written by fanwenshan and jay .it is chinese style.jay can write pretty songs.

A singer in China is called Jielun Zhou. He is very famous. Many people in China like him. He has a English name, too. His name is Jay. It is a nice name. He sang many songs. All of them are very famous and popular in China. Jay is also

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