接住: catch接住了: caught

I didn't catch

一看就不懂棒球 还是让我来告诉你吧 棒球不叫守门员 是叫 捕手 英语是:catcher 捕手 也就是catch+er 日语是 キャッチャ 也是捕手的意思 读音与catcher 非常相似 都是我自己写的 本人在国外多年也是对棒球有所了解的 谢谢采纳

A beautiful motherIn the world many good people can help another people when another people was dangerous.For exmple Miss Wu JU PING.One Day When Wu Ju Ping goes to the work.She goes to work.Suddnely


你好!抓住grasp 英[gr:sp] 美[grsp] vt. 抓住; 了解; 急忙抓住; 急切(或贪婪)地抓住; n. 控制; 控制力; 能力所及; vi. 攫取(常与 at 连用); 急于接受; 急切地寻求(常与 for 连用); [例句]He grasped both my hands他紧紧抓住我的双手.

It was my birthday yesterday. I got a lot of gifts. All of them were covered with coloured paper. Among them there were two interesting ones. My elder sister gave me a round paper bag and I though It was my birthday yesterday. I got a lot of gifts. All of

水滴 [词典] drip; dripping; water-drop; blob; [电影] O Descarte; [例句]房间的一角放着一个提桶,以接住从屋顶漏下来的水滴.A pail stood in one corner of the room to catch the drips where the roof leaked.

翻译如下:比赛 根据语境match; competition; contest; tounament:都可以.例句:国际比赛 international games [matches];射击比赛 shooting contest;网球比赛 tennis tournament;

1、cost:造句子He bought this BMW car that costs him 10000 dollars.他买了这个BMW轿车,花了他10000美金.Dangerous driving could cost you your life.开车不注意安全有生命危险.Her irresponsible behaviour cost her father many sleepless

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