当然是 Chinese Papercuts,因为剪纸是中国的一种象征吧,所以建议前面加一个Chinese,望采纳

paper cut 剪纸paper cut class 剪纸课

cutting paper board

Chinese paper-cut art.剪纸艺术是最古老的中国民间艺术之一,作为一种镂空艺术,它能给人以视觉上以透空的感觉和艺术享受.剪纸用剪刀将纸剪成各种各样的图案,如窗花、门笺、墙花、顶棚花、灯花等.每逢过节或新婚喜庆,人们便将美丽鲜艳的剪纸贴在家中窗户、墙壁、门和灯笼上,节日的气氛也因此被烘托得更加热烈.在农村,剪纸通常是由妇女、姑娘们来做.在过去,剪纸几乎可以说是每个女孩所必须掌握的手工艺术,并且还被人们来品评新娘的一个标准.在中国南北方的剪纸艺术,通过一把剪刀,一张纸,就可以表达生活中的各种喜怒哀乐.

Chinese paper cut has a long history of over 2,000 years. It can be seen in different parts of China. Many people, no matter young or old, are fond of it.People in northern part of Chinado well in making paper cut. They cut paper into different shapes,

剪纸[paper-cut] jiǎnzhǐ[paper-cut] 一种民间工艺,用纸剪或刻成人物、花草、虫鱼、鸟兽等形象.也指剪成或刻出的工艺品scissor-cut[`sIzEkQt]n.剪纸

1.Paper-cut depicted image lifelike, lifelike.Such as "seven fairies".Four fairy expression is different, dance dance, their arms entwined by is lightsome and silky ribbons, are swing gently with the wind.And "squirrel vintage".Shook loose big tail

Soon have the Spring Festival, each and every family door couplets. However, there are cut window I most like,posted on the window center, are more likely to highlight a family's talent and festive atmosphere.I found, from the Internet to cut window,

Let the Chinese traditional culture is profound, deep is far stream long. Today, I want to introduce the traditional culture is the paper-cut!There are many kinds of paper-cut, such as: the window, like flowers, fireworks, shoes, flowers, door raft, bay state

原发布者:阿笨和果子 中国剪纸ChinesePapercutsPapercutsrefertohandicraftsmadebycuttingpaperwithscissorstoformdifferentpatternsandpastingthemonwalls,windows,doorsandceilings.剪纸,顾名思义,就是用剪刀把纸剪出各种图形,并且

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