At daybreak you may go to the seashore to watch the sunrise along with the light of the morning. At noon, you may go to the beach with the purpose of experiencing the sun, sand. Bathing the infinite sunlight is great fun In the evening, you may sit at

介绍冲浪的英语作文 冲浪: surfing Surfing is the term is used for a surface water sport in which the person surfing moves along the face of a breaking ocean wave (the "surf"). However, surfing is not restricted to saltwater, but can sometimes

summer vacation my family go to Chimelong Water Park I feel very happy It is a day the tourists Forty thousand people Chimelong water park is the largest in Asia, the world's water play equipment theWith the family to Chimelong Water Park Have a

海,是一个美丽的地方:海,是一个可以让我们欢乐的地方:海,更是一个可以让我们凉爽的地方. 夏天的海是凉爽的,他不仅可以给我们带来欢乐,更可以给我们带来清凉.海,是夏天避暑的胜地. 夏日的海边格外美丽,海滩上有五彩缤纷

Surf/Go surfing Surfing 第一行动词,第二行名词 冲浪肯定是在海上的,所以不用翻译"在海上"

Ocean covers almost three quarters (71%) of the surface of the Earth, and nearly half of the world's marine waters are over 3000 m deep.This global, interconnected body of salt water, called the World Ocean, is generally divided by the continents

网上冲浪”用英语surf the internet;surf on line;surf on the internet;例句1. no one knows how many people currently surf the net. 没人知道现在有多少人在网上冲浪.2. the simple fact is that, for most people, surfing is too expensive. 事情很简单,那

Yesterday,the sun was shinning,and the air was fresh,I went to the beach,it was very interesting. First,I was lying on the beach,and I smelled the fresh air,I felt very cool and happy. Then I went to swimming,I felt the sea was beautifui and cool,I was very

We have a great time on the beach today.Today is sunny.So we go to the beach.Well,There are many visitors on the beach.They look very happy.We can see many boats on the river,they look very changeable.We play volleyball on the beach.We also

I went to Ocean Park In all sorts of strange things, green water of the fish caught my eye. There is a huge turtle motionless sleep in the water! You should have seen Nemo!There is a red and white striped fish inside, I saw the fish, the body like a leaf,

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