Fruit Salad is both delicious and healthy. Want to learn how to make it? Please follow my words. All you need is an apple, three strawberries and some yogurt. Now everything is ready. Let's begin! First peel the apple and cut it up. Next put the apple

Tea is a globally well-known popular drink.As for tea,anyone can say a lot about it.Chinese people are very concerned with their health so they often drink green tea before or after dinner or whenever they want .British people usually drink black tea

Chinese FoodChina is very famous for its food in the world.There are many kinds of food in China.They're Cantonese food,Sichuan food,Shanghai food,Hunan food and so

I like drinking orange that is sweet. The old and the young as well as the children can drink it .

Tea is one kind of the famous drink around the world. I like to drink tea. first, put a little bit tea in the cup. second, put hot water in the cup. then, cover the cup for a few minutes. finally, you can drink the cup of tea.

美国食物和饮料: Using the term "American food" is an exercise in futility - we're all Americans, after all, and we eat from an enormously varied menu. Some foods, however, are uniquely identified as American - steaks, hamburgers, barbecue,

Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on May 8, 1886. A local pharmacist, Dr John Styth Pemberton invented the drink at his home. His partner first used the now famous trademark "Coca-Cola. " The first year, sales averaged 9 drinks

Lemon and paeroa Lemon & Paeroa, also known as L&P, is a sweet soft drink manufactured in New Zealand. Traditionally made by combining lemon juice with carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa, it is now manufactured by multi-

Cola is a kind of drink. It is my favourite drink but it is not healthy drink. We can drink a little but not too much. Let's drink some tea. Because it is good for our health.

My favorite drink is apple juice.Because I like apples and the apple juice is very sweet.And there is also another reason is that there is a saying ,An apple a day,keeps the doctor away.

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