Being a teacher,he is not only kind and friendly,but also very strict both with his students and in his own work as well.This is our dean teacher,Mr.Li.He is nearly fifty years old but energetic like a young man.Mr.Li has been working so hard in his

nowadays living off campus enjoys great popularity among college students. why, then, do students do so when they are provided with very modern apartments and good services on campus? the reasons can be listed as follows. first, living off-

E智网为你解答,希望可以帮助到你!How to Study? Recently the issue of students' study has been brought to public attention. Students are anxious about how to improve their scores. Some work very hard. They spend all their time on study. They

In our life,we have many subjects to learn .but mathmtic is very important because it can improve your imagnation strength you logistic and bringh you a bright future. First,during learning math,we need to think a lot.it does not like chemical which

My Best Subject English Lest year my English class was dificult.First of all,it wasn't easy for me to understend the teacher when she talked.To begin with,she spoke too quickly ,and I can't understand every word.Later on, I relized that it dosen't matter

How To Learn English Well A lot of people like English. As the society advances, it is very important for us to learn English well. In fact, It is not very difficult to learn English well. First,

basketball playing basketball is my favourite sport,and i have played for many years. i remember that basketball has brought me lots of joys and funs when i was a child.now, i am a player in our school basketball team and i am proud of that.everytime

my family i have a warm family(我有一个温馨的家庭). at home with mom and dad and a cute puppy(家里有爸爸妈妈和一只可爱的小狗).i was the only one child at home(家里只有我一个小孩).our family favorite is a day out for a walk

I have some difficulty in learning English.我在英语学习中遇到了一些困难. For example, I can't tell the difference between written English and spoken English. 举个例子,我不能说出书面英语和英语口语的区别. Sometimes I often make mistakes

i like English very much. i began to study English when i was at primary school, i found it is interesting and i can learn other countries' culture and history by watching more and more Holleywood films on the internet or in the cinmea .I can also make

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