高一英语作文100字左右带翻译Last Chinese New Year. I and lihua went to yunnan by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded

高中英语作文范文10篇带翻译100字关于春节习俗英语作文 贴春联 贴春联 Spring Festival couplet 春联也叫门对、春贴、对联、对子、桃符等,它以工整、对偶、简洁

英文作文100字左右带翻译我的家乡My Hometown My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.

英语作文带翻译100字要求高中水平Now I’d like to talk to you about your final exam.The exam will be held next Thursday,the last day of the exam we

急求10篇100字左右英语作文加翻译!2011-09-03 求英语小短文带翻译100字20篇 1810 2011-07-28 10篇英语作文,全部带翻译 2468 2016-01-31 高中英语作文范文10篇带翻译100

介绍自己100字高中英语作文带翻译I am yjbys. I was born in xxxxxxxxx. I graduate from xxxxxxxx of Urban Construction. I started learning English since I

10篇英语作文,100字或者以上,要带翻译mother is a good for her chind. my mother has long and black hair.her has black and big eyes.everymoring ,my mother

100字的英语作文带翻译Have you ever been ill?When you are ill,you must be unhappy because your body

求100词英语作文 5篇 带翻译 急我知道从现在起,我就是一个高中生了,这意味着《我喜欢的运动(跑步)》的英语作文100词带翻译的

高一英语作文一百字左右,要求列上提纲 带翻译Spring FestivalThe Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people

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