希望对你有帮助.我觉得这份材料不错.我自己也用.同是高三生.bove all 首先,尤其重要的,最重要的 make a choice 挑选,选择 at Christmas 圣诞节时 give sb. a clap 为……鼓掌 get close to 接近 a table cloth 一块桌布 a suit of clothes 一套

其余的我发你邮箱1. a big headache令人头痛的事情2. a fraction of 一部分3. a matter of concern 焦点4. a series of 一系列,一连串above all 首先,尤其是5. absent from不在,缺席6. abundant in富于7. account for 解释8. accuse sb. of sth.控告9.

Unit 1 Great scientistsI. Phrases 1. put forward 提出 2. draw a conclusion 得出结论 3. be/get under control 在……控制下 be/get out of control失去控制,不能操纵 4. be absorbed in 专心 5. be to blame 应该受责备(用主动形式表示被动) blame sb.

1. be afraid of 害怕某事 I'm afraid of walking alone in the darkness.2. agree to do sth. 同意做某事. I agree to help him work over the problem.3. not…at all 一点也不 I do not like him at all.4. one after another 一个接一个 Summer holiday is coming,

1. be absent from…. 缺席,不在 2. absence of mind(=being absent-minded) 心不在焉 3. absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力(被动语态):be absorbed in 全神贯注于…近:be engrossed in ; be lost in ; be rapt in ;be concentrated

高中英语介词短语/动词短语汇编一.相近介词和介词短语1. With the help of 在~~帮助下 under the leadership / care of 在~~领导/关心下2. be strict with sb. 对~人要求严格 be strict in sth. 对~事要求严格3. at present=at the present time 目前 for the

高中英语词组 1. a big headache令人头痛的事情 2. a fraction of 一部分 3. a matter of concern 焦点 4. a series of 一系列,一连串above all 首先,尤其是 5. absent from不在,缺席 6. abundant in富于 7. account for 解释 8. accuse sb. of sth.控告 9.

高考常用固定搭配总结一、接不定式(而不接动名词)作宾语的24个常用动词afford to do sth. 负担得起做某事agree to do sth. 同意做某事arrange to do sth.安排做某事ask to do sth. 要求做某事beg to do sth. 请求做某事care to do sth. 想要做某事

高一英语词组大全及例句(三) Unit 3必会习语 WARMING UP & SPEAKING 1. consider ( as/to be) 认为是 consider sb to have done 认为某人做过某事 consider it +n./adj. for sb to do sth consider doing sth 考虑要做某事 consider +疑问词

●知识网络 1.重要句型 (1)decide if (which,what,when,where,how)… (2)I think that… (3)What\'s the matter? (4)It\'s nothing serious. (5)advise sb.(not)to do sth. (6)It\'s one\'s turn to do… 2.重要词汇及短语 (1)make a list of .列……表 (2)

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