一、感谢信格式要求1、抬头:收件人的姓名2、正文:三段式3、落款:祝福(yours sincerely)+写信人名 二、感谢信格式模板 Dear ______,I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for __________________(感谢的原因). If it had not been

感谢信中最俗的是用thank you,最能体会感激心情的是用appreciated.当然这也分一般场合和正式场合. 你可以说:hi jim, i'm really appreciated that you invited me to have dinner with you the night. it was the best dinner i've ever had in my life! thanks so much for your great hospitality! all the bests! tom

英语感谢信范文 感谢信(letter of thanks)是外国政府机构或个人的关心、支持、帮助或热情款待表示感谢的对外函件.其具体格式和要求与邀请函相同. http://www.zuowenwang.net/zhuanti/showarticle.asp?articleid=9153

第一段:要表达对父母的问候,问二老身体还好吧等,然后表达自己对二老的思念之情,比如:How are you doing these days! I miss you so much.第二段,就是感谢的重点了,这要看你想感谢哪方面的,开头可以是,I appreciate或者Thank you for yourIt's my horor to have parents like you


感谢信 Dear Mr. Liu, 亲爱的刘先生, Thank you for purchasing our Moon Series computers. 谢谢你购买我们的卫星系列电脑. We are dedicated to manufacturing the most advanced business machines and hope that our products are meeting

Dear, I have been back home safely. Thank you for your help during my visit. I have stayed in your family for two weeks. You gave me a lot of help about food, living and travel. Thanks again! It's really a wonderful time when I was in your city. People

Dear sir : I am very glad that you are my teacher,You are one of the best teachers who I know .there are many good points what we should learn from you,such as kindness,patience,humor and so on.please forgive me that I had made so many

What does family mean?It means Father And Mother,I Love You.Thank you,father.For you broke the habit of smoking when mother was pregnant.You began to smoke when

感谢信(Letter of Thanks)是外国政府机构或个人的关心、支持、帮助或热情款待表示感谢的对外函件.其具体格式和要求与邀请函相同.例文 Date and Place Mr.____

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