现在的英语越来越普及,随着英语的不断深入,英语作文变得越来越重要,下列是一些英语作文供大家参考.道歉信英语范文1From Joozone.Com's Directions: Suppose that Sarah, a friend of yours, has invited you to her birthday party, but you

Dear Mr.GreenI am truly sorry that I can't have a business talk with you this afternoonThe reason is that this morning my manager asked me to go to Shenzhen on business

亲爱的史密斯: 我真的很抱歉星期天下午和你的约会,但是我老板临时叫我去北京开会,直到星期一才回来.请您愿谅,作为补偿这个周末的时间一起吃午饭好吗?我希望我们会有一个美好的时光在这个周末. 真的很感激您的到来.谢谢! 问

Dear Tom,I am terribly sorry to say that I can't find the book you lent me---OREAL ENGLISH. I have already read it and I arranged to give it back to you. I will buy a new one for you.Cordially,Helen

Dear,I'm writing this letter to apologize to you for the mistake that i have done yesterday. I have acknowledged that my fault has brought you great trouble and unconviniences.

因为不知道你是初中作文还是高中作文,因此我按高中处理了Dear Teacher,I am very sorry to say that I had to miss your English class last week because I represented the university in a debating contest.I did not know the exact time until the day

亲爱的的史密斯博士 非常感谢你同意给我写推荐信. 我非常感激(appreciated)你的帮助,因为我知道你在学期末很忙,所以你把信寄给我就可以.等我拿到奖学金的时候我会及时告诉你. 感谢你的支持和理解. 你的, 比尔 米勒

Dear teacher:Because this morning, I break up for a long time, so late, please forgive teacher, sorry!this Salute! Your students: XXX X X X days in on 翻译:敬爱的老师: 我因今天早上难受,休息时耽误了很长时间,所以造成迟到,请老师原谅,对不起!此致 敬礼! 您的学生:XXX X年X月X日

Dear Teacher,I am sorry that I fail to submit my homework on time, because I forgot the deadline of it/ I left it at home./ I was sick/ I have a family emergency (my mom is sick). I would like to offer my heart-felt apologies for breaking your rule on

道歉信(Letters of Apologies) 道歉信是写信人对未尽之事向收信人表示歉意.语言要诚挚,解释的理由要真实,不要显出丝毫虚情假意,从而使收信人理解,并达到最终谅解. 【例一】 December 15, 2000 Dear Mary, I am very sor ry that I was

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