一、完成句子 1.我遵从了他的建议 I _fllowed_his _ advice. 2.这是他第一次来中国 It's _his_first _time__that he __has___ _come____ ___to__China.现在完成时 3.他来这儿

What has two legs but cann't walk?compass 圆规 1.From what number can you take half and leave nothing? 2.what two word have thousands of letters in them? 3.what 5-letter word has 6 left when you take 2 letters away? 4.what kind of dog never

1.Monday 2.PAST FUTURE 3.Boat C is losing(A、B同排,C落后) 4.29 (52+64=116. 116÷4=29. Similarly 93+95=188. 188÷4=47) 5.见图

1.C,a是主动不对,b thief应该用所有格, 2.B suchthat 3.C, make+形式宾语it+宾补 4.C,miss+动名词,被动

1 was blowing 2 because 3 When 4 were waiting 5 remembered 6 After 7 When 8 As 9 although 10 lost 11 shouted 12 hit 13 when

1.选A,因为特指哪一个要用which 2.选B,因为 the doors were closed和all the lights were off属并列关系有承接的含义用that 3.选C,因为是宾语从句to do后面加 what 4.选B,因为asas句型动词形式要相同,he又是单三所以用does writing 5.选A,population是不可数名词,人口数目大小用large,as twice large as是的两倍.

1 .entirely == 100%, completely 完完全全地2 extremely ==absolutely 绝对地,毫无条件地------如果选这个,Broadly speaking的存在就矛盾了.3 如果是one of whom,这个whom的后面不能加定语从句部分来修饰.所以只能用 one of those who -- - .

1.are 2.was 3.is is 4.have searched 5.specially learn

1.是,所以选C;D语法错误 2.手机是允许我们发短信 3.to find表目的 4.主语是fans,throw后面有宾语,当然是主动 5.A.总是;在句中,不需用完成时 有横杠是修饰语作形容词,没有的做动词短语

1. has been encouraged2. to buy3. living4. who lost homes reached 5. be for; after death

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