现在的英语越来越普及,随着英语的不断深入,英语作文变得越来越重要,下列是一些英语作文供大家参考.道歉信英语范文1From Joozone.Com's Directions: Suppose that Sarah, a friend of yours, has invited you to her birthday party, but you

Dear Jean, I am so sorry for what I have done.you know,I didn't mean to hurt you at all. Could you calm down and listen to my explanation patiently? it's common that different people have different thoughts towards the same thing .We just had our own

No matter how strong friendship is between friends, conflicts happen somehow. After many conflicts, the communication between people can be improved, if they handle the problem well. When argument happens, the first reaction for people is to

Dear Mr. Green I am truly sorry that I can't have a business talk with you this afternoon The reason is that this morning my manager asked me to go to Shenzhen on business and I won't return until next week. Once again, I am sorry for any

Dear friend, I was so sorry that I argued with you several days ago.When I knew that you lost my book,I was so angry that I can't control myself.But now I am realizing my mistake.What's more,I would appreciate it if you can continue making friends with me.That's all. Yours sincerely, xx


Dear Tom,I am terribly sorry to say that I can't find the book you lent me---OREAL ENGLISH. I have already read it and I arranged to give it back to you. I will buy a new one for you.Cordially,Helen

Dear Mr. Smith,I am sorry that I can't meet you at this Friday afternoon because I have to go to Beijing for business. It is an unexpected task from my manager and I won't be back until next Monday. My appology again. Would you mind meeting me

第二节:写作(满分30分) 假设你是新华中学的学生李华,你的美国朋友Tom一周前给你发电子邮件,询问你暑假里的打算,但你因准备期末考试未能及时回复.请根据以下要点给他回邮件: 1. 未及时回复的原因; 2. 你假期的打算(如做兼职

Dear Mr Smith,I'm terribly sorry to tell you that I can't join in the outing that you will 这就是高考作文的基本套路了,还有注意断句,标点,不要一个句子写到尾,随时要断

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