School is a place for everyone to study, and I, as a student have to go to school everyday. My school is huge and has big playgrounds, and I love playing there, because it gives me a feeling of freedom and the surrounding helps me relax after class.

1、As you all know,the Spring Festival is the most insteresting and biggest one in china.I't lasts so long a time that we can enjoy ourselves.All the family get together and have a delicious meal.We communicate with each other,watch TV and so on.

1.you have a pain in your stomach, a doctor asks you to describe what kind of pain you feel.how can you respond.I have been having an abdominal pain since last night. The


楼主你好.本人已经于前两个月参加了高中口语考试.试题内容大概是关于生活方面的.开头一部分是让你读一篇和生活贴近的科技文(难度一般,有少量单词会不认识,如果不认识只管大声读出来就行,不要管对错).第二部分是老师问话,比如介绍你的一位好朋友,你进入高中了生活方面有什么变化.你有什么理想,等等.第三部分是free talk 也就是自由交谈了.你可以随便讲讲你的生活,以及你以后想干嘛之类的.重要的是贴近生活,毕竟语言就是用来交流的,必要的表情也是需要的.对于试题么,你可以去网上找找我上面所说的有关内容文章看看,多看多记或许就能在关键时刻对你有帮助!好了,以上就是我的解答.谢谢!愿采纳.(顺便透露下,前几天我收到结果,口语得了 优 呵呵.)

6.Tell me your good memories of your childhood.When I was about five years old, my parents didn't have time to look after me, and I was sent to the countryside to live with


A B C D四个人A:What a good weather today! Who wants to go to fishing with me? It's a kind of waste if we don't do something in such a beautiful day!B: Go fishing? Are you kidding me? I'd prefer staying at home and watching my

楼上的太罗嗦了'''不如我这个,自己写的,希望你满意You and John are college students,you are discussing your career in the future. John:Hi,Lucy,long time no see,what are you doing recently?You look very busy. You:Oh,hello,John,yes,I am

Do you prefer working with a partner or a group or alone.A:I prefer to work alone because I can enjoy my freedom and no one can disturb me.B:I don't think so. Working alone

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