现在的英语越来越普及,随着英语的不断深入,英语作文变得越来越重要,下列是一些英语作文供大家参考.道歉信英语范文1From Joozone.Com's Directions: Suppose that Sarah, a friend of yours, has invited you to her birthday party, but you

Because my father was ill yesterday, I need to go to the hospital, accompanied failed to see you off at the airport, I'm very sorry . I know you must be very angry, but for me, dad is very important also, father is sick, I must go with him .I hope you'll

Dear miss, First of all,I want to apologize to Miss SHI for skipping English classes.I am sorry,Miss,sorry to let you down.Most of my skipping classes for no good reasons,I am

dear mom and dad: in the last night, i and you had a quarrel. now i know yourself wrong, in this specially apologize to you. i know that i sometimes is very capricious, but i'll certainly be correct. look at my future performance. i'll work harder you back

Dear Tom,I am terribly sorry to say that I can't find the book you lent me---OREAL ENGLISH. I have already read it and I arranged to give it back to you. I will buy a new one for you.Cordially,Helen

Dear ***(印度人的名字), I am so sorry to you for I wanted to use my left hand to shake hands with you last time,as a result,you refused me.I was confused at that time.But after the event,I learned from the book that to shake hands with your left

Dear teacher:Because this morning, I break up for a long time, so late, please forgive teacher, sorry!this Salute! Your students: XXX X X X days in on 翻译:敬爱的老师: 我因今天早上难受,休息时耽误了很长时间,所以造成迟到,请老师原谅,对不起!此致 敬礼! 您的学生:XXX X年X月X日

Dear Jean, I am so sorry for what I have done.you know,I didn't mean to hurt you at all. Could you calm down and listen to my explanation patiently? it's common that different people have different thoughts towards the same thing .We just had our own

因为不知道你是初中作文还是高中作文,因此我按高中处理了Dear Teacher,I am very sorry to say that I had to miss your English class last week because I represented the

写给女朋友的道歉信 自从认识你以后,我才知道自己身上的缺点这么多,一时间都无法相信自己的耳朵,无法相信自己的过错.在一连串的事情发生后,才渐渐意识到是…… 写给情人(情侣)的道歉信 经典道歉信息 1 你好像生气了,我心里也

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