Each other

彼此用英语是each other.解释:each other 英[i:t (r] 美[it r] v. (用作动词或介词的宾语) 互相,彼此; [例句]These two examples duplicate each other.这两个例子重了.They support each other in their work. 他们在工作中互

彼此彼此是很口语化的说法.而相对应的英语口语是:likewise. 例如:--Have a nice day--Likewise(你也一样)

mutual 共有的;共同的;互相的;彼此的; Each other (用作动词或介词的宾语)互相,彼此; 读音:each other [`i:t `] 希望能帮助到你!

互相 each other一般是verb + each other比如说help each other

trust each other or have faith in each other

We are in the same boat.in similar position;be no better [worse] than

你好!我们互相听不懂彼此说的话We don't understand each other

彼此彼此可以翻译为 we are in the similar position、You are the same as me 或 Right back at you

each other英 [i:t (r] 美 [it r] v.(用作动词或介词的宾语)互相,彼此例句:They support each other in their work. 他们在工作中互相支持.

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