As we all know,China's mainland population grew to 1.339 billion by 2010,according to census figures released on Thursday,so the government take many action to reduce popu

China is a great country with the largest population in the world. In order to solve the population problem, our government decides to implemented one-child policy. When it is carried out for some time, many people not only see its advantages but

二孩政策英文 universal two-child policy - 二孩用英文怎么说10 月29 日,中共中央委员会正式发布了有关“全面二孩”政策的公告,将进一步 放松已经施行了30 多年的计划生育政策(family planning policy) .报告指出,“全面二孩政策(

As we know,with the development of society,more and more students are having cellphone.They are given as presents from parents,friends or relatives.In my opinion,the disadvantages are much more obvious than advantages of using cellphone.

he constructed a court in the back yard for him to practice on, and from then on Mike has been playing the game and playing it well. He went on to play at North Carolina, in his freshman year, and in his junior year he was drafted by the Bull's

高中英语作文:二胎的好处 It has been such a long time for Chinese people to carry out the family plan, so most families only have one child. But now the government has loosen the one-child policy, more and more families have the right to raise the

the following aspects could best illustrate the advantages of internet. netsurfers in different countries can share interesting knowledge and the latest information. besides, internet has provided a major opportunity to buy and sell merchandise . what

In my family, there are only three people, my parents and I. because of my parents' work, they could only have one child at that time, so I don't have any siblings. I felt so lonely when my parents went out for their work. Now the government changed

First, it is good for the only child to have a sister or brother, so that the child can learn to share things. The parents are easily to focus their all attention to the only child, they want to give all the things he wants. But in the long run, they don't realize

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