幸亏luckier,由于because of

owing to = because

多亏了:Thanks to

由于,因为:due to because of owing to thanks to as a result of for on account of 祝楼主学习进步,更上一层楼!!!(⊙o⊙)

Due to 由于because 因为Fortunately 幸亏

Thanks toluckilyfortunately

searchbecause ofget rid ofbe satisfied withwould ratherlead a life

Due to 由于because 因为Fortunately 幸亏

thanks to 隐藏摘要 多亏 【摘要】 thanks to 由于多亏that isto say 就是说即to the point 切中要害切题. under controlwww.eol.cn - 相关网页 评价: 该结果不好. 确认 取消该结果很好. 确认 取消thanks to because of 隐藏摘要 多亏 【摘要】

由于 prep.as a result of, due to, thanks to, because of, owing to owing to; thanks to; as a result of; due to; in virtue of; because of; in that; on account of; since:由于同志们的帮助,他进步很快. Owing to the help from his comrades, he has made

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