用英语三人对话关于大学生活 五分钟 简单如下:A; Are you enjoying your time at university?B: It's okay, but not as much as I expected.C: Really? Why not

求一篇关于大学生活的英语对话,急!!写作思路:通过对话,叙述彼此大学生活遇到的烦恼和收获。A: Are you enjoying your time at university?你享受

求一段英语对话,内容是关于大学生活的,两分钟以内,谢谢_百度it's free to be in the class ,you can go to the restroom for a while, to think over by yourselves, and even slee

要一段英语对话,有关大学生的一天的日常生活的对话,两个人加一点问题就可以作为一个对话啦【回答】Today is Sunday. It is sunny. I don't go to school. I want go shopping. I

求编一段英语对话.2人3分钟以上请以大学生活为话题。AA对B说.嗨.好久不见.你在哪个专业学习呢.A:Hi,haven't seen you for a while,where

两人对话英语口语 关于大学生活的,大概三分钟左右,急!_百度People: Air and Rich 人物: Air 和Rich Rich is from American. He is an exchange student. Now he is studying at Beijing

关于我的大学生活英语对话 要很简单的!Great,there will be no driver in the future.Yes,less accidents and more time to relax.Could I be part of it?I am

求关于讨论大学生活的英语情景对话,两个人,差不多1~2分B: Yes, I think my major is more difficult than I have expected. After the happy summer holiday I can't keep pace

关于我的大学生活英语对话 双方各五句就好了,越简单Hi,how is your unversity life?Exciting and interesting.Really?Tell me something about it

英语口语介绍自己和大学生活最好能带上中文翻译,希望高分求英语口语自我介绍 求大学英语口语对话~要两人的对话~每人10句~关于在大学生活的内容~ 英语口语自我

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