求一篇关于大学生活的英语对话,急!!A; Are you enjoying your time at university? B: It's okay, but not as much as I

急求关于大学生活的英语口语对话 3到5分钟的,谢啦!_百 212. I usually get up at 8 o'clock. 我通常8点起床。213. Where do you have your lunch? 你在哪儿吃午饭?214. I

两人对话英语口语 关于大学生活的,大概三分钟左右,急!_百度Place: Air’s villa. 地点: 空气的别墅. Time: on the Mid Autumn Festival. 时间: 中秋节 People: Air and

【求一段大一学生的英语口语对话,时长1分半到2分钟A:What is your feeling toward your life in university?B:It's wonderful.I have made

求一篇关于大学生活的英语对话,急!大概3-5分钟,内容A; Are you enjoying your time at university?B: It's okay, but not as much as I

求大学英语口语对话~要两人的对话~每人10句~关于在a: i'm so upset now..b:why? Anything bad happened?a:no,..it's justcollege

英语口语对话关于我的大学生活My campus activities are rich and colorful.Learning English has become a habit to me cause I plan to study abroad in

跪求一篇长的英语情景对话 有关大学生活的!!If the day is done , If birds sing no more .If&

英语口语对话关于大学生活6人口语的话题,如果是在大学,可以谈谈宿舍生活,宿舍文化,同宿舍之间的相处,兴趣爱好。 或者社团。谈起社团可说的就多了,

关于我的大学生活英语对话 要很简单的!Great,there will be no driver in the future.Yes,less accidents and more time to relax.Could I be part of it?I am

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