I was born on …, 19xx, in xx City. I am from a …family. I was admitted into xx Department, xx University, where I stayed for four years, majoring in international trade. During the school years,

1.B.call for2.A.at3.D.Given 4.C.Whoever 5.C.understand 答案一定正确.

你好!选1 不是吗如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

Only when the match was over in the afternoon were they able to leave.因为ONLY开头的从句句子要倒装.

MEMO August 16, 2005To: The leader of student service department From: Li Ming Subject: Telephone Dear Sir, I would like to remind you that we are in want of a telephone for each dormitory. As a university student, we need to cope with the daily

Dear XXX (请自行取名),I am the Sales Manager from GTC Trading Corporation. Our company is a domestic product's dealer, importing women's T-shirt. We have very wide domestic distribution network acros

Brief Introduction to Business Letters Words and expressions: Letterhead Reference Salutation Complimentary Attention line Subject line Enclosure Carbon copy Full block style(齐头式) Indented style Section A Parts of Business Letters Most

1.B (第一个词是不是young?) 意思是说 年轻人不满足站在一边观看艺术 他们希望 与此类似的题目还有 衣服需要洗了 作业需要写了等等.4.C 此处live 为副词作状语

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