1. doesn't have2.Does like3.What's favorite subject 4.Why do5.Who's

1.what does sandy have for breakfast? 2.what do _ _you have for lunch? 3.-what are these_ _? -they're_strawbeeies.

1,doesn't do 2,doesn't either3,what for4,when do5,is also

句型转换主要把握的有两点:疑问词(What How )时态(ago yesterday)当然还有一些同义句转换 How's the weather? = What's the weather like ? 像这样的题,你只需要记住What 中一定带like 而How 则没有,说是技巧,不如说是规律啊!只要自己多注意词与词之间的联系,就可以了!

人教版初一上册英语重点句型一、 介词to系列--这里to是表示方向、去向的介词,后接名词或代词作宾语.若宾语是人称代词,则要用其宾格形式. 1. give sth to sb(=give sb sth) 当你想表达把某物给某人时,那就用它好了.give后接的是双宾语

1.I don't think she is a great singer.2.Would you like some noodles?3.Would you like to go to school on foot.4.What does he like ?

http://www.ewteacher.com/r3-article-31423.html这里有很多啊 列举一些 句型转换 (改为一般疑问句) 1. I'm putting on my clothes. ____ ____ ___ on ___ clothes? 2. I'm going to check my email on Sunday . _____ ____ going to check____

1What else2How think of3did washing4Don't take

1.How+adj.+(主+谓)! What+(a/an)+n.(复)!例:What beautiful flowers in the garden they are! How beautiful the flowers in the garden are!2.画线提问(1)画的是adj,则用How作疑问词(2)画的是n,则用What作疑问词(3)画的是one,

1.They have some apples2.would like3.Would he4.What can I do for you?5.What would he like?6.What do you like?7.Which kind of , do you like

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