1、I'm busy enough doing my homework.我做作业已经很忙了.2、Please take the book to the right position.请将书放在正确的位置.3、I won't go to bed until my mom comes back.在妈妈回来之前我是不会去睡觉的.4、It's time for class.该上课

1.I want to help my mother do the chores. 我想帮助妈妈做家务.2.They always makes me laugh. 他们总是使我笑.3.I'm going to help Jim with his English. 我将要去帮助Jim的英语.4.It's going to take me half an hour to clean my room. 我整理房间将要用半小时

你可以在这个网站中看到八年级下册单词表 http://www.pep.com.cn/200503/ca677040.htm Review of Unit 1-6 I. language goals (语言目标) 1. Talk about how often you do things 谈论做事情的频率. 2. Talk about your health. Make suggestions.

1.I want to have a day off. 2.We'll go camping if it doesn't rains tomorrow. 3.I want to do something special for my parents. 4.I hope you can get better soon. 5.I will call you as soon as you arrive. 6.At the end of last year,I found a job. 7.We often sing a

care about I always care about you turn on Please turn on the TV look after I need to look after my litter sister at the moment She is crying at the moment take a vacation Tom wants to take a vacation next week depend on things can't all depends on

it takes me two hours to finish the work i don't like swimming anymore i will take my brother to park tomorrow i like chatting with my friends 怎么没有加分啊?呵呵

1.cheeron ?有这个词组?cheer up 吧! Cheer up! The troubles will soon be over. 2.She grew up to be a beautiful woman. 3.I hope to be a teacher in the future. 4. I will arrive in Beijing tomorrow. 5.是play吧!这个词组……也没见过 I always play

朋友,句子已经帮你造好了: 1. I will pay the money back to you. 我会把钱还给你的. 2. Please warm up the milk. 请把牛奶热一热 3. Keep me informed about what happens. 有事随时通知我 4. I'm taking a holiday. 我正在度假 5. She arrived early

1.mary looks the same as her mother. 2.Today, I have made cake 3.It takes me 20 minutes to walk to the school. 4.I want to help you to do you homework. 5.i am going to help with your Chinese!

1.YaoMing is one of the famous basketball players in the world.2.In modern history, people's lives become increasingly better.3. I hear about Lily always goes to the library every Friday.4. He was falling down on the floor at the time.5. I had fun on the

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