We'll get it at 7:30 in our classroom,and you know,everybody in our class will join it,including you,my dear.we;ll have drama,songs,and funny people will tell funny stories,we'll also dance with music. And now,we want you to join us join our crazy world!



英语课堂知识摘要 Unit One : Will people have robots?一.生词 only even happen二.短语1.live to be 200 years old 活到2.in 100 hundred years.3. free time4. use…less/more5. on a space station6. fall in love with…7. live alone8. keep a pet9. wake

Yesterday, I read a book, the name of the book is《Dr Bethune》.Dr Bethune was a famous doctor From Canada. In 1938, he came to China. At that time , China was at war with Japan. He worked as a doctor in the Chinese army and saved many

八下的笔记1. 每个单元先记单词的用法,最好有例句.2.再记单元语法,也是最好有例句.3.笔记一定经常翻看,不然只跟着老师记一遍的笔记是没有意义的.希望帮到你.学好英语的关键,在于每一天的坚持和重复,共勉.

Unit 1 Will people have robot ?Section A be free 免费 live to be year(s) old 活到多少岁 will + 动词原形(不一定会实现的行为) be going to +动词原形(一定会实现的行为) in + 一段时间 在一段时间后 more +可数或不可数名词 less/fewer +不可

牛胜玉出的的学霸笔记Niu Shengyu out of the learning tyrants notes


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