David Beckham,a famous soccer star,arrived in beijing with his teammates yesterday,The team will play against China's national tesm. The fans are very excited. It's too bad that they aren't going to stay in beijing for long. they are leaving for japan the day after tomorrow.

almost[':lmust]ad. 几乎,差不多查看详细against[enst]prep. 反对;挨着查看详细term[t:m]n. 学期;术语;条款;项查看详细cheer[ti]vt. 加油;欢呼;喝彩查

This is what we've worked for all our lives .Reaching for the highest goal we can,We choose to give it all.When competition calls,Time records the the victory in our hearts.To win or lose is not the only thing.It's all in how we play the fairest game.This


仁爱八年级上册英语单词Unit 1 Topic1 Are you going to play bastetball? almost (adv.)几乎,差不多against(prep.)对着,反对term(n.)学期;术语;条款;项cheer(v.)加油,欢呼;喝彩(n.)欢呼声,喝彩声cheer…on为…加油team(n.)队,组win(v.)

八年级上单词表 Unit 1 Topic 1 Are you going to play basketball ?almost 几乎,差不多 term 学期 cheer 加油,欢呼;喝彩 cheer…on 为…加油 team 队,组 win获胜,赢得 prefer 更喜欢,宁愿 cycle 骑自行车 row划船 bit 一点,一些,少量 quite a

2013版仁爱英语八年级上册参考译文(unit1)Section A 1a 迈克尔:康康,你好.康康:迈克尔,你好.你要去打篮球吗?我看见你暑假期间几乎每天都打篮球.迈克尔

Unit 1 Topic1 Are you going to play bastetball? almost (adv.)几乎,差不多 against(prep.)对着,反对 term(n.)学期;术语;条款;项 cheer(v.)加油,欢呼;喝彩(n.)欢呼声,喝彩声 cheer…on为…加油 team(n.)队,组 win(v.)获胜,赢得 sport(n.)

仁爱英语八年级上单词表Unit1Topic1 Are you going to play basketball?话题1 你要去打篮球吗?almostadv.几乎,差不多againstprep.对着,反对termn.学期;术语;条款;项cheerv.加油,欢呼;喝彩;n.欢呼声,喝彩声cheeronteamn.队,组


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