would like ”意为“想要”,其语气比用 like 婉转些 a lot of 许多 kind of 种类 size of 尺寸 ,大小 what kind of food would you like 你想要吃什么食物?i would like some rice. 我想要一些米饭.


1.This desk is behind the tree2.He is starting to study hard.3.Why not do it by yourself.4.He paints the picture with his left hand.5.I like eat vegetables,such as apples,bananas,oranges and so on.6.He is one of my best friends.7.I used to do this job.8.

你可以在这个网站中看到八年级下册单词表 http://www.pep.com.cn/200503/ca677040.htm Review of Unit 1-6 I. language goals (语言目标) 1. Talk about how often you do things 谈论做事情的频率. 2. Talk about your health. Make suggestions.

be bornmeet a matter3.drop out4.Be specially eager to do or achieve sth5.Close to on time or space6.In the music charts7.Rupture to dissolve8.look like9.all over the world10.People with outstanding talent11.Looking forward to doing sth.12.Be

1to write an artical about

1. Will robots 2. What should 3. What were doing arrived 4. was hard-working 5. have a good time 6. How long been collecting 7. turning down 8. Why don't 9. Have been to 10. isn't it 11. give some advice 12. in love with 13. is able to 14. be

1、一百年后污染将会更少 There will be less pollution in 100 years2、这是中国历史上最主要的大事之一This one of the most inportant events in Chinese history3、我希望加入英语社来提高我的英语水平I hope to join the English club in order to

Tom always does the same things as i do i often help my mom do the housework she makes me laugh the teacher helps us with our english it took him 2 hours to finish his homework 都是相对简单的


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