left是 扔,放 的意思leave的过去时这里where 不是 定语从句,是名词性从句..不需要先行词

嘿嘿,知道不能用where 吧~如果用where应该是They voyage to the Cape of Good Hope,where they arrived in 13th October in South Africa.这个句子好象不太适合用where总之如果要用where就是where后面的成分不能直接接在前面的句子里比如:This is my howntown, (where)in which i was born.因为i was born in my howntown.一定要有in 才通

1. when指时间,在定语从句中做时间状语 (1) i still remember the day when i first came to the school. (2) the time when we got together finally came. 2. where指地点,在定语从句中做地点状语 (1) shanghai is the city where i was born.

1.There are 20 students in each class. 2.Are there computers on your desks? 3.Those are 24 boys and 21 girls. 4.Where are Tony and Lingling? 5.They are at the school gate. 6.Where is the library? 7.He is in the back of the dining hall. 8.Is the gym next to the classroom?


Where 哪里 美国 America 去游泳 go swimming

Where have they gone? What has happened? Is anyone here? 楼主,没有关系的,不给也没关系

where [ (h)w ] . . ad. 在哪里 conj. 在地方 pron.&int. 哪里 eg: Where did she get the news? 她从哪儿得到这个消息的?

翻译一下就是:我的英语书在哪里?where is my english?English在这里可以引申为英语书原意:是英语,但是首句用的where起问的,不可能是我的英语去哪里的,说不通,好了,就这样吧,不懂可以追问哦

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