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shrimps 基围虾lobster 龙虾winkles 田螺 crab stick 蟹肉条 peeled prawns 虾仁king prawns 大虾 oysters 牡 salmon三文鱼cod 鳕鱼 tuna金枪鱼carp 鲤鱼herring 青鱼,鲱 squid 乌贼 cuttlefish 墨鱼 daikon白萝卜carrot 胡萝卜radish 小胡萝卜lotus


How to Make Chinese Rice BallsMost holiday celebrations have at least one special food associated with them; this is true of the Chinese Lantern celebration, which coincides with the first full moon of the Chinese year. To celebrate the Lantern


分割法是 divisionist technique

泛地无舍,衢地合交,绝地无留,围地则谋,死地则战, When in difficult country, do not encamp. In country where high roads intersect, join hands with your allies. Do not linger in dangerously isolated positions. In hemmed-in situations, you must

Foods of the World 1.Chinese Food Chinese food varies by region. In northern China, Mongolian influences are evident especially in the use of the fire pot. Rice is not grown in the north, so noodles, soybeans and breads are used more often. In the


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